It would be one helluva place if we could just fly over our obstacles in life, but we can’t. We simply need to become brighter and stronger people after facing our demons. Then one day, like two happy giraffes, we’ll spiritually grow up and see each other face to face while looking right over that life-defying brick wall standing in the way. It’ll be beautiful living with our heads in the clouds, besides life down below is just too claustrophobic. It’s as if the world around us has crafted an image for us and we’re expected to follow, but surely we will not.

We’ll take things where they need to be. We’ll look over that wall and beyond the small-mindedness and simply do what we believe to be right. Who wants to toil amongst hypocrisy anyways? It’s all a vain waste of time. There is no gain to be had when you seek the pursuit of happiness based on another’s expectations in life, and that is why I sought out to find an answer that is higher. I don’t wish to conform to a set of beliefs based on religious boundaries, political loopholes or sexual-orientations that distort the very needs of my own heart and soul. I want a life that is free without bounds, and a worthwhile opportunity to make right all the things that were wrong within.

She’s fatherless. I’m transgendered. Both those things can never change, but we can however put our special powers together and create the ultimate force of justice. Then my Donald Trump loving father will see how there’s no such idol made of gold that can defy the gift of love. He will surely be baffled when he witnesses what the future has in store for us. It will be an earth-shattering force that none shall seize. Love will be victorious.

I have spent so much freaking time holding up the roof from caving in on myself, but it’s time to show the world what happens when I let go.

It’s also time for a vigilante to take matters into her own hands. I need a heroine that sees past the facade society has created, then she’ll be able to work without all the political chains tying her down. I need her to put on my colors and rally behind me.

First thing’s first, I need to create the bat signal so I can properly communicate with her. Hopefully this goddamn roof doesn’t fall on me, but this matter is urgent. I’m gonna have to take a chance and hope fate doesn’t coming toppling down upon me.

She will know I am of peace and loving-kindness. It’s this force alone that will reunite us in our scourge against the dark influences corrupting our universe. Until we meet here again, Super Girl, know that the next time will be our last….

To Be Continued