Actually had a pretty interesting weekend. I had 3 panels to finish up by Sunday so I dedicated my time to work and decided to hang around later than usual. Friday night, after I was returning from Tropical Cafe with a smoothie and a flatbread, I was on my way back into the complex when I saw these 3 girls outside smoking. I heard one of them say to the other, “is that a guy or a girl?” I kinda chuckled because they just happened to be wearing like these ballerana fairy skirts and it caught me off guard. There was also a guy kinda hanging back behind them.

When I got up to the 2nd level, there was this gothic chick waiting there in the hallway for me. She was wearing some thigh high boots, a corset and some fishnet stockings. I said hello and we started talking. She asked what space was mine and I told her about what we do there, and then she got to telling me about her space. She was telling me about how she was gothic and her and some of her girlfriends put on a burlesque show there. I told her I always wondered about it, so she took me back to her space.

It was pretty sweet. She had all sorts of gothic scenery, pin-up girls and cool candles and other paraphernalia. We started talking about music because I mentioned I loved gothic metal. It wasn’t long and we were both raving about the Birthday Massacre. She was pretty easy to get along with. Then she started telling me about what they do there and stuff. Then something unusual happened. She kind of took her top coat thing off and slid it down to her back, then put it back on. I couldn’t help notice how her boobs just popped out at me. It was like a big, “hello Brian”.

After that, she started telling me about the sex shows they did there. There was a lot of decorations and distractions in the room, but eventually I glanced down at the round coffee table, and I saw a strap-on dildo and some other adult sex products just kinda laying around. Cuffs, whips, harnesses, etc. It was about this time where she told me her name was Sassy and that she was a dominatrix. She even asked me if I knew what that was and I was like “ummm yeah!” Then she told me the price is $250 and started going on about their shows and group events.

I was kind of in shock, but at the same time, found myself slightly turned on by it. I was standing there wearing some tight jeans and my bear paw boots, and overall, I pretty much just looked like a little bitch. Then it occurred to me that the people outside were probably there poaching new customers. I guess I fit the profile lol. Either way, it was an interesting night. After I returned to work, I couldn’t stop thinking about the random people that come into the building now and again. Then I realized the reality, some poor bastard is probably down the hall dressed up in a French maid outfit and getting punished by Sassy’s strap on.

Honestly, the whole thing made me laugh. Then the following night, some people decided to throw a rave party in the space across the hall. The whole place ended up stinking like cigarettes, and random people would wander by my door and bang into it. Then I’d hear a girl come running over to collect them. I guess these raves aren’t really supposed to be going on in there, but they do it anyway. I was a little nervous about that. They had a mattress just laying out in the hallway and there were some people that were completely incapacitated. This went on until 4AM, and finally I decided I couldn’t take anymore so I called it a night.

I felt so freaking awkward leaving that night. I had my slimming skinnies, a long Hurley hoodie and my bear paw boots. I looked totally chic and all these fucked up ravers were checking me out. I looked behind me after I was almost out and literally everyone was staring at me hardcore. They probably didn’t expect to see anyone there that late so I’m sure it caught them off guard. I’m not sure why, but that was like one of the only times I’ve ever felt really nervous. I had no idea what they were taking and it was kind of scary.

It was definitely worth it however, because now I’m all caught up at work! We make over $3000 in profit off each one of these machines, and we’re now looking to manufacture some of our own devices. The routers in these things cost $700 each, and the idea here is to create MORE profit. I’m also learning how to do the debugging and programming too so that eventually I’ll just be in charge of the entire Micro-LAM process. I’m really excited about this because I’m good at it and my boss wants me to manage Helm Automation down the road

As rough as some of the parts of my new life has been, I feel like just working for Phil has made up for it. He is a really good genuine person and has never once gave me an issue for the way I dress. Honestly, I’ve been pretty fem’d out a few times when he came in. I noticed he was kind of looking at me and stuff, probably trying to figure out if I had makeup on, and I did. Really, you gotta do your best to find people that accept you. If I was still working construction, I would have been completely grilled and persecuted. The tech-industry is probably a much better fit for me in the long run and I think the day I fully realized that was at our company Christmas party. I almost didn’t go, but I’m really glad I did. I actually had a great time.

Anyway, I just wanted to share Sassy the dominatrix with ya and show off my work skills and that’s mainly because I mean’t what I said about taking caring of you. Whenever you decide the time is right, I’d love to help you pay off your student loans and stuff. Making money and trying to provide is the like the one thing in life that I am actually capable of doing so I push myself ten times harder than most people because I feel like I need to compensate for being a transgender person.

I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck and be a slave to companies that make profits in collecting interest so I want to make money, and I mean like real money. And speaking of interest, the rates they charge for transgender operations is just downright sickening. This work is a joke. They literally create ways to put people who already suffer in more debt. I’ve read an article about it and a high percentage of transgender people don’t own houses because they invest their money into these services and they struggle to pay the loans off, then it ruins their credit and creates a whole lot of issues. That’s never going to happen to me. I’m a human being, not a fucking slave…. except for when it comes to you Jas, I’ll slaver day and night to make you happy, baby. This does include putting on a crotchless bodystocking and making all your fantasies come true, but if you ever want some good advice for the future, just slap my ass fairly hard and say, “thanks babe”. That’ll go a long way with me. 🙂

I call this look, “the squeeze”.