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The Future is Female

It’s honestly a thought I’ve had in the back of my mind for many years. I imagined if people all had the same views as myself, the world would be a much happier place. Trying to overcome my mistakes from the past while being myself required a lot more work than I would have guessed, but it’s seriously paying off. I had my third appointment at Light Rx and I’ve been getting more insight into female perspectives while going there. Chasity was telling me about how disgusting men’s toe hair was. Then she also started talking about the Electric Forest and Fireworks. It seriously made me think about Jasmine. I was talking to her about the same stuff last 4th of July, and ya know, life is just really fucking ironic like that. It’s even funnier how my higher Power led me to this transitional phase in my life.

Right before I began shoveling my way out of the huge ass hole I dug for myself, I genuinely complained to God about the world around me. My biggest complaint was about the macho bad ass mentality so many Americans have come to embrace. It was also about all the widespread senseless hate surrounding religious views. Islamic and Christian scriptures include much if not most of the same biblical figures and stories, yet we have this ignorant feud spewing between uneducated morons. Biblically, these idiots are known as the “mob”. They partake in this controversy and ignorance simply because they enjoy it. Then you have the LGBT and bible-belt battles, which fucking disgust me even more. There’s clearly a passage in Revelation that talks about the “Angel with the rainbow on his forehead” which literally proves that God made mankind in His own image, and that is 177% completely and totally gay as fuck.

I am done with it now. I am going to live my life as a Buddhist transgender and embrace femininity, peace, love and tranquility. The Zen dynasty kept it together for over 6000 years and it’s really low profile. It’s perfect for a private lifestyle T-girl like myself plus I can actually see the results within minutes from a few hours of meditating.

I begin my laser hair removal process next week and I am super excited, but not about forking over $3600. That part really, really sucks. I am just tired of being a slave to shaving my legs and stuff, so it’s going to be worth it in the long run. Black leg hair and white legs are just so defiant when it comes to having a smooth, sexy and sleek look. I want a girl to get turned on when she’s running her fingers over my body. The stubble must be┬ádealt with swiftly by the awesome power of an apocalyptic doomsday body hair laser. It will be shown no mercy at all. Complete and utter annihilation is inevitable.

House to myself for the day!! I was so happy wearing my skinny jeans and sandals.

I probably changed my outfit like 3 times. My new capris from Venus are pretty damn nice too!

I was debating on cleaning my room, but taking selfies in the mirror seemed like a better way to spend my time.

I feel pretty hot in my harness. It’s fashionably expressive and sinfully sexy. I love wearing it SO MUCH.

Won’t be long and my new harness should be passing through the Russian Federation customs and then it’s coming home to strap me all up. Trannies like me need sexy restraints, after all it is the reason I had to get baptized. I straight up need to be fucking punished for my naughty school girl behavior.

5 more weeks to go until my treatment is done. And sometime very soon, my new wardrobe will be complete and Briana is going to put on a show the Princess will never forget. I spent the entire evening meditating for the answer I needed. I saw the purple chakra while processing a thought, and then everything began to make perfect sense to me.

Definitely my favorite picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and ya know, I really think this one says it all! ­čÖé


Here’s my future girl. She’s gonna rule over me with her hot ass panties.

I’m gonna love it so much that I’ll pretty much just drop to my knees and kiss her ass for the rest of my life.

She is a tough cookie to crack though, so I had to use my rainbow fingers and psychedelic spiritual powers to lure her into my crazed world of transgender matriarchy.

Even so, the Story has a happy and beautiful ending. Cinderella wakes up Sleeping Beauty just in the nick of time and their harmonic love escapes the cruel consequences of turning into a pumpkin on devil’s night. It’s an epic finale that brings all the ironic twists of fate into a world that requires a much needed change, captivating its audience into a cheerfully breathtaking awe.

Then Disneyland be like oooo aaahhh mmmm oh ya fuck me baby!

Post-Apocalyptic Preamble

When in dream, I found myself standing in the store. Before I knew it, I was outside watching from a distance, then I saw an angel take her by the hand and walk her out. I never knew exactly where he was taking her, but it pained me to see it. I saw a fence in the distance and it was a bright, sunny day, but when I saw the sequel… the cage became a very dark and lonely place. “Brian, Brian!”, she cried. “Get me out of here!” Then I cut a hole in the fence and before I could even get her out, she leaned through and kissed me. It was that moment alone that brought a cowboy’s cold, dead heart back to life.

Once the chaos unleashed and I realized it was a nightmare come true, I was reborn a post-apocalyptic tranny. I fell into a trance and had a full blown spiritual awakening. I saw my full potential in life become a reality and it was all due to an inevitable and unavoidable natural disaster. To weather the storm and pursue a reckoning, a power greater than myself chose to give me supernatural abilities. It was with this power alone that gave me the strength needed to endure trying circumstances. All is well with the world today because all things happening have already happened, but the reasons behind them remain a mystery.

The man behind the mask must show his inner self to the world before he can become a superhero. This dawning unleashed a pursuit into discovery and an obsession towards perfection, but a superhero needs a hero too. He needs her cry for without her plea, he cannot be a hero. Without her touch, he is nothing more than a man in a mask sitting in a dark cave. It is her voice alone that lights his life and it is the very purpose which gives him his. Until that day becomes, a hero quietly prepares himself to become a she. And so it began; a new chapter in the Story begins to unfold. This journey will shed away all fears and bring about new tears, but endless smiles and happy faces will illuminate the path alongside the contours of fate’s dark beginnings.

I sought after the perfect pair of jeans, and go figure, the super skinny’s were victorious.

A new wig gave me the motivation late at night, even when I knew I should be asleep.

“Damn”, I thought. “I look way hotter than you, fuck you, Brian.”

When my hair grows out, I will indefinitely play with it forever.

Fuck yea… I fucking love these jeans.

Enough to even throw some devil horns. Nichole’s hair gives me her personality.

Crazed girly urges seemed to take hold and possess Brian. S/he couldn’t believe it.

Naughty thoughts even entered my mind.

But so did good thoughts.

Oh well, what can a girl do? Things are out of my control.

Which is why I live my life by this prayer alone. It awakened Briana into a new reality.

Even so, some things never change. Heroes like to rewrite the future for their past is broken.

I may be bound, shackled and even freaked out on a leash, but nothing will stop me. I may even lay on my hands to make a statement.

Until the stars rise and the darkness falls, the show must go on.