I really have done my best to keep negative energy from slithering into the protected portions of these pages, but life sure does have it’s ups and downs. I genuinely find a lot of inspiration from the most random things, but then usually I suffer a super low in between the moments that bring forth light. No matter what you do in this world, you are exposed to the influences around you. From there, you just take what you can and hope others around you will receive it too. The masks people wear can sometimes be downright scary, and other times overly inviting. How can you truly ever know what’s really going on behind the scenes?

Honestly, it feels pretty damn ironic just asking myself that question because I am not everyone else. I am just Brian, and I have a knack for finding the hidden answers to some of life’s most puzzling questions. But hey, not everyone has the will nor humility to reach out through the power of prayer, but it is truly their loss. I have talked about perception consistently throughout this blog and also at my AA meetings when I was still going. Perception is not for the faint of heart, that is why the spiritual realm refers to it as “the third eye–indigo chakra”, and sadly many people’s spiritual eye is seamlessly sealed shut.

Knowing what people secretly think about you can be utterly troubling. It’s their hidden thoughts and they do not openly reveal them, but yet through meditation I’ve developed a fuller understanding of people, and honestly, sometimes the truth is just an obvious one. They may simply judge someone because they don’t like what they see, but yet they perceive not the afflictions that are causing a person’s own indifference, and that fact alone should make everyone want to reach out and have a little bit of compassion. Oh well, what can I do about it?

They say knowledge is power and wisdom is grief and sorrow, but it’s knowing the reasons why that are unsettling. This is simply the truth about why humanity avoids that emotional sector at all costs. It’s just simply easier not to care, and because I do so truly; I stand awkwardly between social blunder and materialistic avoidance. It goes without a doubt to say, it’s a fucked up world we’re living in.

I could go on about the details and situations, but I find myself more appreciative when I sum it all up into a mysterious and articulate fashion. It won’t ever stop me from moving forward and that’s because this bittersweet poet’s pendulum never stops ticking. I am as consistent as time itself. Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth, now dig down deep and find your buried treasure. Trust me, your fucking shrapnel is made of gold. Those scars alone will kill the enigmas haunting you, and a higher Power will breath newfound life into your soul; the unstoppable power of Love.

I decided to finally post this because of an encounter I had today, but trust me, it’s been building. It’s this girl, and um, she doesn’t have anything to do with my journey in life, but we cross paths. I have a dream about her walking her dog, then she disappears. Then I dream about the dog and it sits down before me, then she returns… but something’s different this time. Either way it represents some kind of change, and it’s this subtle essence in life we must grasp in order to read between the lines.

It’s what we can’t see or hear that we truly need to free us from an unending fog. What does it mean? Well, I figured that out tonight while meditating and doing some ass crunches. It’s really quite simple. We deceive our own hearts because we all have a desire for innocence, but that’s not the world we live in. Imagine that, a dog changes my view on someone in a matter of seconds, and because of that, I’m not walking with my head down beating myself up over superficial sentiment.

When I compare this analogy of a girl and her dog to the Princess that is and is yet to come, I find myself having no reason to despair over life’s unpleasant difficulties. It’s true, someone in High Places has went above and beyond to hold her crown-bearing head high into the clouds, and I can honestly be thankful for that. It makes sense too, because after all, self-preservation is about all you have at the end of the day. Whether torn and tattered, or high and mighty, something keeps us afloat amidst this dastardly pinnacle called life. Can ya dig yourself out of this hole, or are you just going to fucking let it bury you alive?