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Briana's a sexy bitch

I was gonna try and talk to you at meijer, but I felt a bit awkward. Not because of the fake PPO, but more like I just got done buying a size 11 pair of women’s reebok shoes and I was wearing leggings. That got me thinking maybe I should just tell you I’m a transgender. I been doin it since I was little. Never meant to creep you out, but I’ve struggled my entire life with women and fitting in. I fell in with the drug crowd and my life spiraled out of control. Met a girl when I was 21, fell in love and 5 years later she cheated on me and had a kid with another man. Then I pretty much just blamed myself for not being a real man and let myself go until I ended up in AA. I’m sober, but now I’m just insecure. I’m sorry for being a stalker about it, but don’t be afraid of me Jas, I’m a sweetheart. There’s only 3 things I want in life: a wife, 5 kids and a boob job. If you can accept that, I think we could probably start over from here. I never done this before, but I took some pics of myself cross dressing for you.

Hope you like them ???