Sometimes it feels so invasive when you enter into my head. I will admit, there are times when I ask for it, but then there are times when you just force your way into me. It’s always a chaotic scramble when I don’t understand what you mean. Either way, I just wanted to say thanks for all the comfort you have given me, and I want You to know how grateful I am for that.

It’s just one of those things that causes a person to twist and turn until their head spins in a never-ending dumbfounded psyche-splendid trip. You have fully exploited every waking situation in my life, and I can’t even fathom the words to express how completely amazed I am. The places we go together, the magical moments we discover and even the huge black empty voids you drop me in… they all served a purpose.

One minute I’m learning things about myself I never knew, then I’m finding answers I’ve always needed. Then I find that fantastic voyage of distraction while you pinpoint my heart’s aching desires into a wittingly crafted diversion. You are a splendid tactician, a stealthy evesdropper and a master of mending the floating pieces of my ship-wrecked heart.

You never even told me your name, but at least now I can honestly tell myself that I am not crazy.

Thank you……