Month: September 2017

Paint it Black Rainbow

I wasn’t really sure about putting my innermost thoughts out and about tonight, but I was feeling pretty sexy and happy today, so I decided to try and look cute instead. I felt this overwhelming desire in my heart suddenly overcome me. Not sure how to explain it. Fairies, angels and pixies dance around and I see unicorns, rainbows, and stuff like that. Then I hear violins playing beautiful music in a land far far away, yet it’s like right here in my face. When I ask myself, is this normal to me? The answer is always yes. The imaginative realm of creativity and hope always takes the cake over the mundane reality absent of the full spectrum of colorful life waiting to awaken.

 Mysterious rainbow colors appearing on my box frame and the eyelets of my sneakers. Not strange at all in my world of supernatural happenings.

 Seriously, they’re platinum eyelets. I would never lie about this! No photo effects! It’s natural phenomena.

 The hairy aftermath of a well-groomed mullet escaping the clutches of a hairnet and gorgeous wig.

 For my more articulate and observant fan base, here is a close up of my lavishly delicious butterfly belt.

 Alas, my middle finger. When you’re a trans that dresses like a girl for a girl, you must do something cool like flip her off so you don’t feel uncool before you say your prayers, masturbate and go to bed.

 Just look at those eyelets gleaming with rainbow aura. Lovely rainbows and fluffy white sheep, what a great way to fall asleep.

Guardian of Destiny

Sometimes it feels so invasive when you enter into my head. I will admit, there are times when I ask for it, but then there are times when you just force your way into me. It’s always a chaotic scramble when I don’t understand what you mean. Either way, I just wanted to say thanks for all the comfort you have given me, and I want You to know how grateful I am for that.

It’s just one of those things that causes a person to twist and turn until their head spins in a never-ending dumbfounded psyche-splendid trip. You have fully exploited every waking situation in my life, and I can’t even fathom the words to express how completely amazed I am. The places we go together, the magical moments we discover and even the huge black empty voids you drop me in… they all served a purpose.

One minute I’m learning things about myself I never knew, then I’m finding answers I’ve always needed. Then I find that fantastic voyage of distraction while you pinpoint my heart’s aching desires into a wittingly crafted diversion. You are a splendid tactician, a stealthy evesdropper and a master of mending the floating pieces of my ship-wrecked heart.

You never even told me your name, but at least now I can honestly tell myself that I am not crazy.

Thank you……