It happens to the best of us. Vulnerability kind of crept up on me lately. It’s really shocking that I feel this way about a younger Woman, but it’s pretty nice once the blowfish releases the air. Today was really wonderful. I’ve been a little depressed this last week over some big financial bills and all the mandatory 12 hour shifts I’ve been working, but I’ve finally caught up. I had my 5th appointment today and I decided to wear my slim levi’s with my new Puma girl’s workforce boots. My Silverado gets a lot of attention, but nothing like my walk through the parking lot where I saw two girls fully check me out. They had the stop chewing your bubble gum and drop your jaw kinda look on their face. Then afterwards at the gas station, I got checked out by several guys. I don’t think they were even gay, but goddamn their eyes were feasting upon my tight little ass.

It put me in a really great mood again, so I ate another bag of tacos and uploaded some pictures! Last night, I was pretty down in the dumps. I meditated a bit and I felt like I was missing something. I see the blue and red chakras daily, mostly blue. Expressing yourself with communication is essential to living a happy life and blue guides your proper expressions, while red steers you away from thoughts that could prohibit your spiritual growth. I ended the night with both purple and green, which is a GREAT sign. I wrote some words in my journal, then called it a night!

I am thinking this weekend I’ll be working so I am going to try and do my next photo shoot the following weekend. I am going to make it extra super special and sexy this time. I want to embed the scenery with symbolic imagery and subliminal contexts that fully expresses the Gifts of High Places.

Me having fun in my new room! Can you feel my curves coming to life??

I relocated into the basement. My dad’s old gun room has become my new bat cave!

Love my new boots! My carhartts were too soft, but on the plus side these are way cuter. I got a few compliments from the guys at work too!

Thats my tight little ass. I’m thinking a brazilian butt lift is gonna be my next investment.

Peace out old room. Had some fun before I left her!

Rivet studs and fishnets; they were totally meant to be together. ❤️?

Been saving these boots for a rainy day…

They have rings on them, so I’ll probably wear them when I’m in need of some shackling for being naughty.

Anyway, I am really trying my best here to open up. I’ve been through a lot and sometimes it’s like I just emotionally shut off around women when I become interested. I’m working on it the best I can….

From my journal:

Promises and Knowledge

Jasmine Flower,

I am pretty much a submissive transgender. Deep down my desire is to be your girl, and be a girl with you. I am also a very loyal woman, and when I find intimacy, I am obedient to my lovers. This is why I’ve struggled so much in life. I fall for the wrong girl every time, and I fall extremely hard because of it. When I’m making love, I’m always the woman in the bed room. It’s being a man that makes me incredibly vulnerable. I give my heart fully upon the condition of love, which is why I’ve needed so much Help. The only promises I can make is that my love is unconditional and my surrender is absolute.

You’ll have no demands made of you, ever.  You will always feel completely free with me, yet safe and warm in my arms. I couldn’t live my life being completely powerless to women anymore because that’s a feeling reserved for the sanctuary of the right woman. Whenever you decide you need a change in life, I’ll be the Answer you’ve been looking for… and that’s a Promise I can keep.

-Brian 🙂

Well that’s enough sappy romance for one night. Chakra girl and Briana say good night. Sweet dreams 🙂 XOXOXO

PS. How could you ever say no to legs like this??? 🙂