So little time, so much work to do. It’s probably exquisite timing seeing that next weekend is September Mourning, which means I’ll put on my masquerade and have a thrilling time. I was driving into my neighborhood recently and I saw this girl and guy walking, and I thought to myself, “goddamn she’s got the nicest ass and the hottest legs I’ve ever seen.” Just as I was passing her, hoping to check out her beautiful face, she turned around and walked the other way. I was pretty bummed out, but oh well. I sure wish I had a beautiful woman who would stalk me; the very thought of it turns me on for a number of reasons. It’s the fact that she would cross my line, and have a need to see the dwellings of a tranny’s crazy world, which is surprisingly quite normal. When I went to bed that night, I saw those same hot legs wearing a pair of my guy shoes and I wondered if she’s walking in my shoes. I know the feeling because I have been there before. It’s a feeling that takes hold of you and you’re afraid to dive into it, yet at the very same time, feel compelled by it. It’s an affliction that will gradually lead to good things, but your mind and heart will fight against you and make you doubt yourself, but fear not; you will overcome all the devil’s stumbling blocks in life.

I felt like doing something special when I got home late Saturday night, so I cleaned up and put on some sexy stuff and had some fun with Bat Girl and my iPhone.

Oh yea, I feel better already!


Not sure what it is about black and yellow, but it turns me right the fuck on.

I contemplate tweezing my eyebrows next, but that’s a pretty big step. I may need help.

Down in my dad’s basement looking for trouble.

Fuck you Ozzy, I am way sexier.

Felt like showing off my tongue a bit. It’s definitely the most talented part of my body.

My dad would kill me if he knew I was cross dressing in his Michigan room.

Yellow batman panties cannot be resisted. They look so amazingly sexy.

I may need to invest in a larger gaff however, my penis isn’t satisfied in a medium. I ordered a large.

Fishnets mesmerize the eyes and I can’t ever get enough of them. Chains and cuffs are sofa king hot too.

I am a rebellious one and my dad’s Michigan room freaking had it coming. The yellow calls my name.

Check out that booty of mine, or is that really my booty? Batman is mysterious in that way.

WTF iphone?


Really, I do.


But three’s a crowd.

I get so damn horny when I do this. I wish someone would come have their way with me.

I am totally packing though, so watch out.

Okay, well, I’m a girl of peace. I only hunt down the bad guys. I like girls though, they’re innocent to me.  🙂

I do have a crazy side though, but I’m more of a lover than a fighter.

Even so, I have been training hard every day to bring forth justice with an ironic twist of fate.

Well hello kitty.

Keep an eye out for me. I have an eye in the sky.

She sees everything clearly, even late at night.

Humans… so full of fear and doubt. I asked my higher Power if this was all right, and I saw this sign. That’s pretty confident.

Though I wonder late a night sometimes, and it all feels so right. I guess I had it coming. I drove by the Princess’ house late one night, and when I got home and went to bed, I saw “911” written on my right eyelid. The next day I saw a cop car outside my house. The Eye in the Sky is never, ever wrong. It sees all, day and night. It is Batman’s secret weapon. It all started at Grand Valley State University when I went to chair my first AA meeting there. I saw “fate” written on my right eyelid while pre-napping before the meeting. Destiny cannot be denied.

While feeling totally happy with myself and fucking cold from shaved legs with cranked A/C, I decided to pull out my new skull and cross-bone leggings. Goddamn, how I fucking adore them. Life is all about skulls and death, black and white. This is why you need to get your feet wet and figure out who you are. Then you can pull out a palette and decorate your new life with any color you see fit.

And I say to her, “Doll face, I could watch you dance until the end of time.” Her body offers my mind true satisfaction. The way she moves so gracefully blesses my eyes; a feeling I could dwell in for an eternity. She takes her time and delicately pens over the blackened death and creates for me a new, beautiful memory full of life and color. With each passing day, the painful engravements within are slowly chiseled away.