It’s like my prayers have been answered! The Dutch goddess of metal is gracing our shit hole nation with her presence next year, and my balls are shaking I am so goddamn excited!!! I know why this is happening too. Delain probably saw my music video on you tube with her bad ass masquerade song, and she was so inspired, she decided to book a tour here. She’s only making like 5 stops in the states, but Chicago is perfect.

This Saturday is my birthday and between Delain and my designer on Etsy, I am pretty darn happy right now. I’ve been talking to this girl from Mexico that made my heavy metal leggings and we seem to really hit it off. I sent her a picture of myself in drag and she complimented me up and down and said it was nice to actually have someone post a picture of her work.

She told me she was having problems with a new design and lost the motivation lately. Then after I inspired her, she came out with a new design a week later. I bought the very first pair!!! I didn’t need them, but when I found out about Delain, I decided to buy them to wear exclusively for her show.

It’s like ten months away, but I don’t care. Her music has spoken to me on such a deep level, and I feel like her words and voice says all things I can’t. I am going to look sexy as hell at her show in my homemade female rock star attire. I can’t wait for this. It’s going to be nice to feel completely free and normal while she sings to me, plus I feel like Chicago is better scenery for me.

When I stayed in Taylor, Mi, I was like one of two white people staying there. I was kind of getting eyeballed a bit and felt uncomfortable, and it was really even more awkward when I accidentally set off the hotel’s fire alarms from vaping in my suite.

I was so scared I had no idea what was going on. I had all my exotic clothing on too, and I had to let the hotel manager in my room. He was kind of mad and said he was gonna keep my deposit, but after he noticed how lovely I looked, I think he changed his mind because I never got charged for it.

He didn’t have the heart to do it after seeing how hot I looked in black nylons and my chained o-ring booties. I threw a tee shirt over my bra and breast forms, but I know damn well he just couldn’t do that to a hot little tranny like Briana. ??

New Metal Leggings – First Pair Ever!

Beauty Facha – Etsy

Someday, I’m gonna put a Princess into a rock star outfit like this. Seriously, she would look so goddamn amazing in these. 🙂

And speaking of the Princess, she has a striking resemblance to Delain when you consider the fiery red hair and nose piercing, and not to mention, absolute flawless beauty. 😀