I was a bit nervous going in today for my light treatment, but it ended up actually being very therapeutic and relieving. Being in front of good looking women while nice and clean shaved was really peaceful. I wore my shorts under my jeans because I wasn’t in the mood for attention today. When I got into the room for pictures, I just started undressing the moment the door shut behind us.

It was kind of a bold initiation, but it felt good and I could tell Chasity wasn’t quite ready for it. I took my rainbow girl necklace off and put it on the counter next to my phone, wallet and keys with my super cool Batman keychain. Then we got down to business and she began to measure my body.

She was on her knees and I was looking in the mirror behind us, and back down to her face. She really has it going on. Tattoos on her arms and feet, dark hair, light skin, excellent curves and pretty sky blue eyes. That totally fits my description for the perfect, sexy kinda woman.

We got talking a bit about random stuff, and I guess she wanted to be a tattoo model when she was 18 and told me how stupid it was. I told her I thought that was badass and that I love tattoo models. It was really nice. I felt totally comfortable and relaxed, and so did she. It’s all about my perception being properly aligned to the correct axial forces in nature.

After she took my pictures, I met a really nice girl named Britney, and she gave me the treatment. It was like getting a really warm belly massage. We talked for the duration of the half hour and she was really curious about me. I guess a man that walks in wearing women’s clothing is probably not something you see everyday, so it makes sense. She asked me what I did for fun, and I started to think about my rockstar video. I talked my way around that one, but maybe I won’t next time.

I am really glad I did this. One down, seven more to go! After that, I went to meijer and got checked out by a tranny. What are the fucking odds of that happening? I was looking at women’s legs and shoes like I always do, and then our eyes met, and she was doing the same thing. I was greeted by a huge smile and actually I think she might’ve wanted to blow me, but who knows maybe she wanted to make me suck her dick. It’s hard to tell, but there sure was a bit of seductive deviousness in her eyes.

That was my day today. After discovering I only weigh 155 pounds, I decided to go to adobe and eat a huge fucking bag of tacos. They were seriously the best goddamn tacos I ever had. Everything under the sun just seems better lately, and for that, I am really thankful.

I am going to take pictures each week. I already feel like there’s less flap.

Wearing a small pair of hipster panties from Venus. I got them because I fit into a size 6 now, but I’m gonna keep buying size 8 in hopes of expanding my hips out.

Hmmm, not sure what this has to do with my belly, but consider it an added bonus. It is after all a pretty decent looking ass.

My spirit animal!!! I’m going to a tattoo shop tomorrow and I’m gonna see what they have to say about putting this on my right shoulder blade. I want this owl on me because she has a third eye, and it’s fully open and beautiful. She’s just like me! Owls have a unique mating ritual too. They imprint onto their mate. It’s just like a tattoo, it’s permanent. These tattooes exist in the mind and heart, and if you’re lucky, between your inner thighs too.