I couldn’t possibly be in a better mood today. I went in for my consultation at LightRX and I decided to go through with it. I dropped $1300 for 8 treatment sessions and I’m feeling ecstatic. There was a pretty girl working there and we seemed to really hit it off.

She asked me, “so what was your big change in life?” I told her about how I quit drinking and lost a bunch of weight along with all my life changes. Then she told me her story too. She said said she had major anxiety and depression, and was on several medications and gained a ton of weight and such. Just talking to her made me feel completely happy about doing this.

We showed each other our fatty pictures and it honestly felt relieving to talk to someone with a similar experience. I had to show her my belly and stuff, and she told me I was a perfect candidate for this. No belly fat, just excess skin. I start my first session next week for 8 weeks and I guess they’re gonna take pictures of me in gym shorts for a before and after picture.

Sometimes you just have to do something in life that’s only for you, and it is rewarding. After I got home my dad wanted to talk and it went pretty good. I am really hoping we can work things out.

All in all, I am beginning to feel in touch with the world around me. I’ll be standing in the checkout line at Sam’s Club and some random guy will talk to me then check my body out fully up and down, and it’s kinda nice. Then with women, I’m not sure what it is, but I just feel more open and socially anept. I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore because I’m not hiding anything subconsciously.

Who would’ve knew this was the much needed change in life I was looking for? I would have to give credit to my higher Power here. What I thought was my 40th birthday party was actually my 42nd birthday. I saw the number 42 while meditating on it. In the dream, I was wearing a long coat and I always wondered why, but now I know. I don’t question who I am anymore because I’ve figured that out. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Tomorrow I pack my bag and when I return, I’ll be ready for whatever life brings to me next. I’ll welcome the future with open arms from now on.