Amidst all the turmoil and chaos, she realized the most important decision of her life was knocking at the door. Before she could get up and answer the call, she thought to herself, “oh fuck, what shoes am I gonna wear tonight?”

This released an inner conflict and a great struggle began to consume her worrisome mind. The wedges and chains seemed to beckon into her desires, but the hearts and platforms pulled her back and forth.

Finally she realized the hard, cold facts. She needed to be stealthy, nimble and fully prepared for full fledged warfare, yet fashionably attractive for her big debut. Sneakers and chains, oh how the thought alone turned her on. It was simple, yet came blooming with the beat of her passionate heart.

She’s got all the pieces needed for her costume; the most expressive part of who she is, and it needs to be perfectly flawed in a way that is truly her.

Hurry up get and here, my lovely bitches. We got some work to do.