Went and looked at some houses today and I’m feeling pretty excited about it. I’m pre-approved for a mortgage and that definitely adds to the excitement. I feel like I might wait one more year before I buy. As much as I would love to go out and be free, I hesitate simply because my ultimate fantasy in life is letting a real woman pick out the house. As a post-apocalyptic tranny, I would pretty much just decorate the house in rock paraphernalia and pin-up girls. Sure I could buy a house, but it wouldn’t be a home without a loving woman there to make it one. It’s probably the least I could do for the girl of my dreams anyway.

I thought about this earlier today while playing with my hair when the reality of it hit me: it’s time to bite the bullet and walk around with a mullet. This is good though, they say patience is a virtue. Growing your hair out takes patience and commitment just as anything worthwhile in life does. I’ve been looking at hair styles and stuff to try and make something work when I came across this cool picture on Pinterest.

I guess until my bangs hit a stylish curling point, I’ll walk around looking like a weirdo in women’s jeans and a mullet. Some good advice was to keep my neck shaved and trim my sideburns, so I’ve been doing that. This will be a great opportunity to play with my hair and be creative with the different lengths. The only thing bumming me out right now is my summer plans. I wanted to go to like 5 different concerts, but sadly most of the bands I’m into rarely tour the US or don’t tour the US. I’m into symphonic heavy metal, and of course, prefer female vocals. I tried for Sirenia, Within Temptation, Deadlock, Ignea and even Delain, but absolutely no luck. Oh well, at least I can listen to music all day at work. That’s pretty much how I make it through all these long ass work days.

I’m feeling a music video..