Well, not everything went as I planned this weekend. I took some pics as usual, but I decided to post a video too. Nicole’s hair turned out to be quite the nuisance unfortunately.

Grab my ankles and mop the freaking floor.

I felt less ambitious than I had hoped.

Fuck you, Nicole.

Smoking crack in my mom’s closet. Nicole is such a troubled girl, but she got her fix and cheered right up.

She feels sexy and decides to take her hoodie off.

Carhartt utility leggings and a camo top for the girl who’s just so warfare savvy.

Absolutely LOVE my utility belt from Etsy! It is handmade and feels awesome when you wear it.

I may look innocent, but trust me, I’m not.

I am deadly, stealthy and usually strike when my enemy isn’t prepared. Watch out, I will fuck your world up.

I wear her around my neck pretty much everyday. I had this strange dream about a girl in a rainbow shirt who sat on my lap facing me and said she would take care of me, but then she walked out the door. The next night, I saw the door knob and a lock with a sticky note on it that read, “do if you can”. So I sent this web page to a girl. It’s funny, the only two things in the room was a chair and a rainbow sign that read, “come home, Brian.” I guess I been sitting around waiting and needed to take an action. At least, that was my interpretation. I unlocked the door, but I think she’s lost at sea or something.

Ok, now the videos.

Feeling a lil bummed and insecure

Totally sexy, boomeranging dork fest

Well I guess that’s it. I was in a decent mood until my dad told me I looked like a fag and started making a big deal about my jeans. I think I might need to find a new place to live, and besides, it would be great to embarrass myself from the privacy of my own home with my utterly unique and beautiful dance moves.