I’ve been thinking about my hammer drill all day. I was so excited when I got out of work! I went home and changed in front of my mirror and prepared for my trip to Ludington. I decided to wear all women’s clothing today and I packed all women’s clothing as well, plus my makeup and other accessories. I always carry my men’s Batman tee shirt for emergencies. If I get in a bind, I just simply put it on and I feel invincible.

Once I was packed and ready, I said goodbye to my dad and went to the vapor store to get some juice, then to the marathon for gas and monster, and finally Home Depot to buy a nice drill bit for my baby. I gotta say, this girl at the marathon seemed like she was about to go into shock or something when I walked up to the register. Did I look that damn good? The guy at the vapor store though, was really really super nice to me. Even in the tool aisle full of burly men, I felt totally hot AF. It was a pretty goddamn good day.

Took the Saab. So much more fun with the new motor and turbo.

I wore my slim Levi’s. They are as close to skinny jeans as you can get. However, they are pretty damn noticeably women’s IMO.

My “messenger” bag. It’s got my emergency girl stuff in it. Lint roller, jewelry, nail polish and chap stick, etc. It’s close to a purse, but I’m not quite gay enough to buy an actual purse, but pretty goddamn close.

Hammer is drill chilling, waiting to do some hardcore penetration.

I went with the 10 inch auger. They had bigger, and believe me, I have seen bigger, but I know 10 inches should be plenty for both Briana and her cute little princess. Anything more is just excessive and brutally painful.

Had to snap a full body selfie in my mom’s closet before I head out to the State Park. I look pretty damn good in women’s clothing. It’s no wonder I can’t stop cross dressing. So excited for tomorrow… Briana is gonna get all dolled up and wire up a house for lights, then find some concrete to pound the fuck out of with her sexy ass hammer drill. It’s gonna be so much fun… I am already wet just thinking about it.