When in dream, I found myself standing in the store. Before I knew it, I was outside watching from a distance, then I saw an angel take her by the hand and walk her out. I never knew exactly where he was taking her, but it pained me to see it. I saw a fence in the distance and it was a bright, sunny day, but when I saw the sequel… the cage became a very dark and lonely place. “Brian, Brian!”, she cried. “Get me out of here!” Then I cut a hole in the fence and before I could even get her out, she leaned through and kissed me. It was that moment alone that brought a cowboy’s cold, dead heart back to life.

Once the chaos unleashed and I realized it was a nightmare come true, I was reborn a post-apocalyptic tranny. I fell into a trance and had a full blown spiritual awakening. I saw my full potential in life become a reality and it was all due to an inevitable and unavoidable natural disaster. To weather the storm and pursue a reckoning, a power greater than myself chose to give me supernatural abilities. It was with this power alone that gave me the strength needed to endure trying circumstances. All is well with the world today because all things happening have already happened, but the reasons behind them remain a mystery.

The man behind the mask must show his inner self to the world before he can become a superhero. This dawning unleashed a pursuit into discovery and an obsession towards perfection, but a superhero needs a hero too. He needs her cry for without her plea, he cannot be a hero. Without her touch, he is nothing more than a man in a mask sitting in a dark cave. It is her voice alone that lights his life and it is the very purpose which gives him his. Until that day becomes, a hero quietly prepares himself to become a she. And so it began; a new chapter in the Story begins to unfold. This journey will shed away all fears and bring about new tears, but endless smiles and happy faces will illuminate the path alongside the contours of fate’s dark beginnings.

I sought after the perfect pair of jeans, and go figure, the super skinny’s were victorious.

A new wig gave me the motivation late at night, even when I knew I should be asleep.

“Damn”, I thought. “I look way hotter than you, fuck you, Brian.”

When my hair grows out, I will indefinitely play with it forever.

Fuck yea… I fucking love these jeans.

Enough to even throw some devil horns. Nichole’s hair gives me her personality.

Crazed girly urges seemed to take hold and possess Brian. S/he couldn’t believe it.

Naughty thoughts even entered my mind.

But so did good thoughts.

Oh well, what can a girl do? Things are out of my control.

Which is why I live my life by this prayer alone. It awakened Briana into a new reality.

Even so, some things never change. Heroes like to rewrite the future for their past is broken.

I may be bound, shackled and even freaked out on a leash, but nothing will stop me. I may even lay on my hands to make a statement.

Until the stars rise and the darkness falls, the show must go on.