I freaking love these capri’s. I love wearing all pink especially after having a really bad day. My dad can be such a dick. I wonder if he ever stops and thinks about how his overbearing and dominating alcoholic driven behavior has effected me over the years. He doesn’t. Because he drinks it away. Then acts like a dick because I don’t do anything right. Total control freak. I need to move badly, but I want to have a woman’s body more. I’m saving my money for body sculpting. I’ll go post op in three stages.

  1. Tummy, waist and hips
  2. bicep reduction
  3. B cup implants

Then I’ll show my dad how he really makes me feel. Then all will be well with world. This will be great for women too because they make me feel like such a bitch, but skull pop leggings on the other hand: ❤️❤️❤️ As far as being a bitch to women, I like it. Nothing makes me get off harder than being restrained on the bed with a woman on top of me. Having the goods will only add fuel to the fiery flair of hormonal passions while indulging in hot, endless amounts of kinky sex.

As far as body sculpting, it’s completely necessary. I was looking at myself in the mirror today and I need it. Losing 80 pounds in one year ruins your body. They can effectively remove all the excess skin, which is where I plan to start. I also want a thin silicone  hip implant so I can have natural curves. This will be the best way to begin my new journey as it’s more of a subtle beginning rather than having obvious boobs or chick arms.

Three goals in life will revolve around my dad’s influence. Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but I don’t want to follow in his footsteps.

  1. Be a woman
  2. Be sober
  3. Be submissive

I apologize for the penis, but I like my penis so I want to show it off. Between Briana and Brian’s penis, I experience complete bliss when I pleasure myself. Getting off with her is the only escape I have in life. It’s sad and pathetic, but undeniably true.

I seriously wonder everyday of my life why I was dealt such a rediculous contradiction of a pointless existence. I’m a prisoner in my own body, a prisoner in my dad’s house and a prisoner on this sick and twisted, degenerated ass backwards planet called earth. Well, fuck. I just said it all.

Now wrap me up like a fucking mummy and bind my wrists and ankles with shackled anchors and toss me back into the depths of the sea. I am seriously already there, drowning and shivering my ass off while bottom feeding piranhas gnaw off the decaying flesh of my tormented soul. I am such a cynical little bitch when things don’t go my way. I should put black makeup on and cry while I let the mascara run down my face like an emotionally imbalanced teenager with daddy issues.