Of all people, my mother compliments me while wearing women’s jeans. She lectured me slightly about how I don’t need to do it and whatnot, but today I showed up in Ludington wearing all women’s clothing. She told me how good I looked in my jeans and how nice it was to see me back in my normal clothes.

I almost fell off the chair laughing. I had on women’s reeboks, ¬†Carharrt nylona slim jeans and an aqua mint racerback under a reebok hoodie. My sister also said “damn Brian you’re skinny, you look good”. I guess it’s obvious that I’m doing something different, but they don’t know what. It worked on the lady at a vape shop too apparently because she started mysteriously talking about her and I having a beer. I told her I didn’t drink lol.

Today is the first time I wore women’s clothing for an entire day, and I guess it’s working for me which is just perfect because I love wearing it. After losing all the weight from a few years ago, it is such a huge relief to do away with all the baggy clothes. I realize there’s men’s jeans that are tighter, but I just don’t feel they offer style with enough elegance to satisfy my desires.

Overall, I’m very happy about all of this. Going out in public wearing all women’s clothes can kind of be nerve wrecking at first, but if you compliment your body appropriately it pretty much just works itself out. It’s great to receive the compliments while testing the waters.

It’s not really all about the way I look, but more how I feel on the inside. My confidence seems to be completely normal with my new style and maybe it’s subconsciously effecting my perception or maybe it actually works. Either way, I feel like I am somehow being more honest with myself, and women too.

I bought this recently to express myself and use as a deterrent from gay guys after having one check me out thoroughly. Plus it stands for what I want in a relationship.

Not sure what to say about this. I bought it to sketch out a tattoo and then I realized it was a lost cause because I’m not much of an artist unless it’s with words; a whale, a creature of such large proportions cannot find a needle in a haystack, but when I come across that sea horse I shall swallow it whole then blow her out my spout. Sea food sounds so good right now too!