Well, I got some more clothing in today. My Levi’s curvy boot cut jeans arrived and I did not waste any time getting into them. I went out wearing them with a Levi’s shirt and my men’s wool zip carhartt hoodie along with my pink timberlands and pink shades. I walked into Marathon in Allendale and there were 3 girls hanging out there and I swear they were all like silently paused as I entered. I felt like a total stud muffin, half shaved and wearing girly shit mixed up in a man’s confusing attire. I like it. I think I’ll keep it because my biceps just do not satisfy a woman’s top, but I did order a bunch of stuff from carharrt.com today, $393 and that includes a hoodie, so we’ll see how that fits me.

These jeans are so damn comfortable it’s unbelievable. I’ve always been a fan of Levi’s from Kohl’s.

Carhartt Awesomeness 

Double front dungaree in smoke gray. I feel confident I can safely wear them at work even though they’re skinny, but people see what they want to see: carhartt work pants.

Utility leggings on the other hand are pretty deliberate, but I love the way they look so much, I simply could not resist. Maybe I’ll ask my boss if I can wear skinny jeans on Friday and come walking in wearing these bad girls.

Bison Brown Romeo. I’ve been wearing 1000v Timberland Pro’s with a composite toe and they are so damn heavy and uncomfortable, so I got these to use as work boots. They look casual and comfortable, plus will fit me better in a size 11 women’s. My feet are a strange anonomolly because I wear a 10 to 10.5 in men’s, but they always feel bulky because I have feminine feet.

Pretty basic, black front zip hoodie. I am hoping it’ll look better with all my skinnier pants.

Double front denim dungaree. I wasn’t planning on more jeans, but they have some crazy stitching that darts all over the place and it’s the kind of thing I’m into. Very unique yet low profile.

These are Crawford double front pants. I wasn’t totally sure about them, but the ladies reviewing them seemed pretty crazed over them, so I got a pair in black.

That should do it for work clothes. I have more than enough now and I feel pretty happy with my purchases. Next is tee shirts and shorts. I’m going to buy longer women’s shorts and go for men’s casual tees since they look good with women’s jeans. All my under armor and adidias shirts will have to go because they don’t blend well so I’ll reinvest in all cotton tee shirts from now on.