Well, I honestly can say I had a wonderful day today. I got my carhartt women’s work pants yesterday and decided to wear them to work today. I work in a building full of men so I was a bit hesitant at first, but after putting them on this morning, I couldn’t resist. The fleece lined legs feel so nice and soft against my skin, plus they actually look really good on me. I wore boy short panties too. I felt comfortable, felt good and just overall normal. I decided to order a few more pairs in different colors and throw my men’s work pants away. They are so baggy and rough anyway.

I also got a pair of Timberland Kennsington’s in pink just for the fuck of it, and they’re pretty hot. Carhartt skinny fit work jeans are also very nice. I wore them yesterday to the tanner and I decided that’s it. I’m going all women’s pants from now on. To celebrate, I took some pictures. It’s too bad I am so damn tired or else I would take a bunch more.

There’s a new girl at summer haze and she’s a brunette, has tattoos and wears a bunch of cool moon rings and stuff. She was pretty smiley with me. She probably just adored my girl jeans and pink shoes.

I love how these pants fit me. I didn’t even wear a belt which is a huge bonus comfort wise.

They still look like works pants and I don’t think anyone even noticed, but damn I love them.

I love the new freedom I have. It’s really awesome that I’m making like a thousand bucks a week too, but at the same time that’s a bad thing for a tranny like me. I can do some serious damage, so I decided to make my budget $400 per week and have the difference wired into an online savings account. A house with hard wood floors is like a requirement for me because they make high heels sound like music to my ears when they click and clack.

Plus hard wood floors match my sexy tan. I think this is how my blog is gonna go. I’ll be into myself with photos one moment, and then all emotional about my feelings and stuff the next. I think any woman on the planet could probably relate to that, but it’s just difficult because I’m a straight cross dresser that’s into women. I could not imagine living with anything that is more frustrating, lonely and confusing. I refer to it as rainbow cuffs. It’s like I have a need in life, but don’t possess the nature to find it. I am a prisoner in my own body, but freedom is the mind without the body… and that’s why I obsess over my dreams. I’m always free when I sleep. I dreamt of myself as a woman twice before, and I can’t put it into words how comforting it was. If only I could live there, but I can’t because reality is a cold hearted, cruel bitch wearing a 12 inch studded strap on.

Gaff Vapor says Good Night.