Her beauty is a compelling mystery

Her face, a soft and dark beauty

Her eyes mesmerize and hypnotize me

She was my drive, I made her thrive


Her lips are so soft, so sweet, so lustful

Her body dances in my mind, she haunts me

Her black and soft hair lingers like toxic air

Her evil deadly mist, my weak broken first


She cuts deep into me with her blade

She can see through me like glass

She pulls my strings for I’m her puppet

She pushes my button, she’s my controller


I exalted her, she belittled me

I applauded her, she defiled me

I elevated her, she degraded me

I held her up, she pushed me down


Her awesome thunder, my great plunder

She remains to me, a remarkable wonder

Her wake, a nightmare that made me a mess

She deceived me like the devil wearing a dress