Rainbows filled the dark forest and the owls owned the night

Lo and behold, the shadow of a ghost saw itself, a beautiful sight

What I saw was a phantom, some silhouette of a long forgotten soul

My searching for an adequately ornate perfection became my goal

Goddammit, then I ran into Etsy and my discover card took its toll

Studded Heavy Metal Leggings from Mexico City $114

Midnight Surf Gothic Arm Warmers from North Carolina $44

Black and Blue Venetian Masquerade Mask from Turkey $76

Festival Cotton Utility Belt from Sydney, Australia $53

Black Steampunk Hooded Vest from Byron Bay, Australia $116

Black Post-Apocalyptic Long Sleeve Shirt from Rome, Italy $92

Making all your twisted inner desires come true…. FUCKING PRICELESS!

It’s like I just can’t stop. After years of going completely dormant, I thought it was in the past, but it’s not. I made this blog only to apologize to someone and express myself, but I thought I would stop and just go back to being normal, but it’s not happening. There’s no more morphine or fetanol anymore to calm me. No mr. jack daniels to put me on my ass.

It’s like when I admitted it soberly, it just became who I am. It’s an unstoppable force and I must just surrender to it. Fuck my discover card. I’m tired of having a huge line of credit and not using it anyway. Regardless, the pictures will assert my needs and bring some poetic justice into my heart.