No grow on the leg hair…

It was about a week and I was pretty much going crazy and I debated shaving my legs and started looking around and noticed about half of it wasn’t growing back. Then I had a “oh yeah” moment and remembered the $300 IPL I experimented with a couple of times. It definitely works!!

Deep down that makes Briana quite happy. Walking around with patches of hair missing would just be weird so I’ll just shave from now on. I plan on wearing shorts regardless so the I took the initiative to go in public while wearing tight jeans and women’s shoes. It’s amazing how real a girl’s smile is when she notices I’m wearing women’s shoes. Going to the tanning salon down the street and random stores gives me a sense of confidence because of the reactions. It’s like medicinal warfare colliding with contradictive insecurities, and I am indeed amazed.

Surprisingly, shimmying my way into a size 26 skinny ankle grazer was much less combative than I expected. Briana is one skinny little bitch.

If you look into the background you may notice Link watching over the lands of Hyrule. He patiently waits for princess Zelda every waking day. Though I must say, we do have striking resemblances as we both enjoy tight fitting outfits and cute princesses.

That’s what the fox says. This is the picture for my company’s calendar for April. I dreamed about it one week before they hired me. Then on my first day, there it was all over the place, staring me in the face. I love the fact the company is owned by a woman. Must be why they offer free full health coverage for your entire family. I think I’ll work here for the rest of my life. It’s the best job I ever had. I love it. I am so thankful.

Working 70 hours a week and dual enrolling in classes for control engineering and journeymen Electrician is daunting. This is how I wind down every night of my life. I take a hot bath, shave my legs and put on a cami and some Capri leggings. Then I fall asleep like a baby even while wearing a steel boned corset. Good night and sweet dreams. ?